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Inspection vs...

Inspection vs appraisal: An appraisal is an independent evaluation of the property with the primary purpose of establishing value.  This is done so the bank can determine how much money to lend for the house.  The appraiser does not do any evaluation of the major systems or structure of the house.  One important thing to keep in mind is that an inspector is working for YOU, the appraiser is working for the BANK.  There is sometimes confusion regarding FHA loans and inspections.  The FHA calls their appraisal an "inspection".  Do not confuse this with your home inspection.  The FHA "inspector" is checking for a few basics like smoke and CO detectors.  These "inspections" are inconsistent and again, they are working for the BANK, not you.

Inspector vs specialist: Specialists are people sometimes hired to look at specific issues or components in a home.  Specialists that buyers may consult in a real estate inspection include structural engineers, environmental hazard evaluators, moisture testers, HVAC technicians, surveyors and more.  None of these specialists have the same training and experience as a home inspector.  The home inspector gives you a Big Picture analysis of the entire home.  It is not unusual for a home inspector to recommend a specialist for particular issues within a home, however hiring one of these specialists to do your entire home inspection is often a disappointing experience.

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